Giving confidence to the people

TurboTax truly cares about their users and wanted their product to reflect their value propositions: someone in your corner, supported DIY, and personalization. Method collaborated closely with their in-house design team to reimagine what an empowering and simple tax experience could be. It became the foundation of the current TurboTax experience.


We designed for a user named Gloria. To better understand her needs and fears around her tax experience we looked at a sample of her W-2, her current tax experience, and we really tried to get into her shoes.


We first needed to understand what each of the value propositions meant to Gloria and how they could address her needs and fears. We also dug into the tax experience to understand where Gloria’s fears were coming from and how we could change that.

To ensure Gloria feels confident when filling out the forms, we only ask her one question at a time in simple language. We revealed subsequent questions based on her answer so that she would never see questions she did not need to answer, which previously caused confusion.

Hints would surface when applicable so that Gloria knew TurboTax was always looking out for her and would be proactive in getting her the best return.


A feature that tested well and implemented into the product was the live chat bar. Taking it out from a text link, we fixed it to the bottom of the page. This made the traditional live chat flow more accessible for Gloria and allowed her to ask questions without having to leave the page she was on.

The TurboTax experience doesn’t end when Gloria submits her tax returns for the year. We saw an opportunity to use the congratulations screen as a place to inform Gloria of this.